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SAP User Guide for FI Module

SAP Standard Reports for Accounts Payable-1

SAP Standard Reports for Accounts Payable: Useful report when you need to plan your cash flow. This is to analyze NOT DUE items.

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SAP FI Standard Reports for Your Analytical Mind!

SAP Standard Reports: Current year and ANY previous year, say current year 2004 compared with 2003 or 2002 as per our requirement.

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SAP Standard Reports

SAP FI Standard Reports, Journal Entry You Want to See!

Let us discuss SAP Standard Report, Document Journal
TCode: S_ALR_87012287

Menu path: Accounting → Financial Accounting → General Ledger → Information System → General Ledger Reports → Document → General -→ Document Journal → Document Journal

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SAP FI Standard Reports, Your Reporting Requirements Fulfilled!

Well, Al most! Let us see how.

Have you been searching for the right report? You know what you want from the system. You need to know which TCode will get you the information you need.

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Accounting Perspective of Data You Should Know!

We often hear about Data, explained in IT perspective, records, rows, fields and so on. It is interesting to look at Accounting & System Perspective of Data!

Relax and read on about:

  • Transaction Data
  • Master Data
  • Line Item & Statement of Account
  • Period Closing
  • Data Integrity
  • Posting, Posted and Un-posted Transactions
  • Reconciliation
  • Integration
  • Recurring Journal Voucher
  • Reversal JV
  • JV Templates

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Learn Chart of Accounts for Stronger YOU!

As you navigate through your carrier in Accounts & Finance you will invariably come across Chart of Accounts (COA) every now and then. To know the basics and more about COA read on…

Chart of Accounts is the backbone and foundation for Accounting information classification (Accounting) and presentation (Reporting).

GL Account Groups and Sub Groups

General Ledger (GL) Accounts form the bricks for building the COA superstructure. As you build living room, dining hall, kitchen and bedroom for your home you need GL Accounts in to a grouping structure. In other words GL Account Groups and Sub Groups form the Chart of Accounts structure.

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