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SAP User Manual for useful navigational paths & shortcuts that make the SAP FICO User’s life simple and pleasant,

Selection Parameter in SAP

When we run reports in SAP we need to select parameters. SAP provides useful and friendly options that make parameter selection so simple and robust.

Let us understand how to use

  • Dynamic Selections
  • Multiple Selection
  • Maintain Selection Options
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    Copy Paste in SAP

    You want to do a copy paste in SAP. Consider a section of the SAP report which we want to copy to clipboard and paste it in an Excel file.

    We can do this in 4 steps!

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    Selection Variant to Multiply Our Productivity!

    Selection Variant is one of the productivity enhancement tools that makes SAP End User life pleasant.

  • We want to run the report with all the above parameters except the GL code. GL account to be entered dynamically i.e., at the time of running the report
  • We do not want to be distracted with many options that are not relevant to our purpose and no requirement for any selection
  • We do not want the field Company Code editable while running the report
  • We can give the task of running the report to our colleagues with minimum instruction.
  • The above are precisely the benefits of defining and using selection variant.

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    SAP Tips! Desktop Shortcut for SAP Transaction

    We use Desktop Shortcuts for our day to day used applications like MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point etc.

    One of the SAP Tips – in the same way we can create Desktop Shortcuts for SAP transactions!

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    Cool! Your Preferred SAP Report Layout

    You are running a General Ledger Report. SAP generates the report in the standard format. You take a sip of coffee and start making changes to the report. Yes, now you have the information you wanted, in the way you wanted! Are you tired of making the changes every time you run the report?

    Let us see how we can tell SAP what you need from a report!

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    Time Saving Tip, SAP Controlling Reports

    Time Saving Tip – Report Parameters by Default

    An interesting feature that can automate and reduce your data entry otherwise called Parameter selections is possible. You need to tell the system only once what your choices are. These choices will be entered as default values whenever you run the report. No worries, in case you need a different selection. You can always change these values as and when you need a different report.

    Cost Element Accounting

    Type rpa0 in Command Field and press ‘Enter’.

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    SAP Layout to Make You a Hero at Your Office!

    Let us find few interesting features which will make you a hero in the office. ‘Customizing Local Layout’ is the magic icon that is going to make you get some nice lay out changes.

    Cursor Visibility

    Have you ever felt like where is my cursor or felt like wanting a more visible cursor. Here we go…

    ‘Customizing Local Layout’ Icon -Find this icon in Standard Tool bar, the last icon OR hit Alt+F12

    Choose ‘Options’ in the drop down, Choose ‘Cursor’ tab, go to second section ‘Cursor Width’

    Available options are

    • Narrow cursor
    • Wide cursor

    Choose ‘Wide Cursor’

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