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Well, Almost! Let us see how. Have you been searching for the right report? You know what you want from the system. You need to know which TCode will get you the information you need. You just have to browse for the right reports from many SAP FI Standard Reports that come with SAP.

Let us discuss ‘Statement of Account!’

If you want just a GL Account Statement for a period quickly, YES, just with FEW parameters, then, the report is SAP Minimal Variant.

TCode – S_ALR_87012280

Menu path: Accounting–>Financial Accounting–> General Ledger–> Information System–> General Ledger Reports–>Line Items–>General Ledger Line Items–>SAP Minimal variant SAP FI Standard Reports What you need to select –

  • GL Account,
  • Company Code,
  • Document date -From and To dates in Dynamic Selection,

Hit F8. Your report is ready!

Powerful Report for Statement of Account

If you are ready for a more powerful report, yes with more parameter choices to make, then read on… As an SAP FICO USER quite often you need statement of account for

  • General Ledger Account
  • Customer Account
  • Vendor Account

and occasionally you may need to refer to the statement of account for

  • Assets
  • Materials

One Report that fulfills all the above requirements! You need to provide the respective parameters. That is it. It is interesting, isn’t it?

TCode – S_ALR_87012332

SAP FI Standard Reports Required Parameters

  • Company Code
  • Fiscal Year
  • Ledger

General SelectionsPosting Date– From & To Dates It is advisable to go for Document Date in most circumstances. Click ‘Dynamic Selection‘ Icon at the top and choose Document Date Range. Further Selections– Here you have the options to choose as required:

  • GL Account Line Items (GL line item statement of account)
  • Asset Line Items (Asset line item statement of account)
  • Material Line Items (Transactions for a given material item)
  • Customer Line Items (Customer statement of account)
  • Vendor Line Items (Vendor statement of account)

SAP FI Standard Reports Defaulted choices after the above selection is

  • Standard Documents – Default selection
  • Parked Documents
  • Noted Items
  • Recurring Entry Original Documents

Other parameter selections you can safely accept the defaults. You want a GL statement, check GL account line items and give the Account Code per your requirement, say 430000 Salary – Base wages. Now Hit F8. You have the report: SAP FI Standard Reports Let us discuss more Standard Reports in the next posts! More About Reports:

Thank you for your time reading the post. Have you found this blog post useful?  Please leave your comments … Thanks again!

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