Finance for Nonfinancial Managers

Finance Beginner's Handbook, Finance for Small Business

Quick reference finance handbook to help you understand and manage the financial accounting side of your business or job responsibilities. Enable you ask informed questions when financial information such as periodical MIS report, quarterly financial performance report or yearly audited financial report is presented for your approval.

How the chapters are arranged
  • CHAPTERS I to IV- Gain essential knowledge onConcepts & Financial Statement presentation format
  • CHAPTERS V to VII- Empower yourself, learn to read & interpret Financial Statements
  • CHAPTER VIII- Working Capital management,gain control on day to day financial management
  • CHAPTER IX- Planning & Control & steer your business with Budgeting
  • CHAPTER X-Break-Even Analysisfor enlightened business decisions
  • CHAPTER XI- Gain insight into techniques for choosing the right investment option
  • CHAPTER XII- Know the essentials ofBank Borrowings
Topics covered
    1. Financial Statements, an Introduction
    2. Balance Sheet
    3. Profit and Loss Account
    4. Cash Flow Statement
    5. How to Read Financial Statements
    6. MIS Reports
    7. Ratio Analysis
    8. Working Capital Management
    9. Budgeting
    10. Break-Even Analysis
    11. Capital Expenditure Planning
    12. How to Borrow from Banks

Read the book and begin enjoy working with Financial Prudence!


RAJAGOPALAN SRINIVASAN ( I am a senior Chartered Accountant but I had bought the kindle edition of this book as I was intrigued by its title and was eager to have a look at the contents. I am very impressed by the manner in which the author has explained the various topics so that even a layperson will able to understand the contents easily. This book is ideal for managers in other disciplines that will enable them to interact well with the accounting and finance departments

Amazon Customer ( Working for a small business with little experience in reading spreadsheets or quarterly financial performances this book helped me a lot. I'm sure I will frequently use it as a referral guide. Since I am such a novice parts were still difficult for me to understand but after rereading and taking my time I learned a lot. If you are starting a business or need a refresher course this would be great. Or even, like me, where you just need an overview and know things to look for - I think this would be a very useful book.


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