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Who am I in Finance?

I have experience in Accounting & Finance for over thirty years; handled as head of Finance Department of different business verticals including freight forwarding, sea-port, retail trade and real-estate businesses. Academically I am a Chartered Accountant.

Who am I in SAP FICO?

I have participated from the user side of SAP implementations in various roles such as Core Team Member, Project Manager, and Process Owner. I am passionate about optimizing SAP FICO modules for business betterment.

Who am I NOT?

I am NOT an expert in investments in shares & bonds; retirement or personal finance.

What do I want?

I want to help

  1. small business, entrepreneurs, and non-financial managers learn and use finance in their day-to-day decision-making; and
  2. finance managers learn and make the best use of SAP FICO modules. If you are a finance and /or costing professional craving to get the best out of SAP FICO Module, you are in the right place!

My name is Murugesan. I have a keen interest in SAP FICO Module.

A little introduction about my journey in the world of blogging. As I started a lifestyle of staying away from my family I felt I am missing something in life. As a hobby, I started learning about weblog. As I always felt like sharing the knowledge and experience I found weblog the right choice. When someone says nice words of appreciation it gives a satisfaction. Now weekends are no more lonely and boredom to me!

SAP Users and SAP Implementation

Having been part of the user group in three implementations, I could sense the uneasiness in the minds of SAP user community. A typical implementation travels the time line leaving the users in a nervous state on most occasions. It starts with a lot of fanfare and great expectations. The user community faces several challenges during the SAP implementation.

SAP Users Journey

First, ‘AS IS’ documentation preparation by the implementation partners. In the ‘AS IS’ documentation preparation stage the users need to make the consultants understand what the present system is and how it works. Depending on the legacy systems strength it is a stupendous task to pass on all of the knowledge base of the legacy system including the process flow.

Asking Without Knowing What to Ask

Next stage comes in where the consultants present ‘TO BE’ documentation. This portrays what the system is going to be. Evaluating this document is usually the users’ responsibility. This is a difficult task to accomplish on account of lack of knowledge of the users at this stage on what to expect from SAP system.

SAP Training

Then the configuration of SAP by the implementation partners as per ‘TO BE’ documentation starts. At the same time, the training for the end users also starts. There is an additional burden on the users as they need to provide the consultants, the data for migration to the new system.

During all these phases the user community needs to keep the legacy system up and running as usual as per their regular roles and responsibilities.

System 'GO LIVE'

Then comes the ALL IMPORTANT ‘GO LIVE’. This is a date, usually, fixed at the time the contract was signed by the management and implementation partners. ‘GO LIVE’ implies the new system is ready for kickstart. Management normally is under the impression that they would get at the end of the first month (first period) of ‘Go Live’ all MIS & Costing reports that were promised during the sales talk by the marketing team of the implementation consultants.

Here the user community faces challenges in the form of pressure from management & lack of strong knowledge to use the new system.

Become an Expert

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