SAP FICO Beginner's Handbook

Step by Step Screenshots Guided Hand-holding Approach to Learning

To make you familiarize/ learn CONCEPTS BEHIND SAP FICO and HOW TO NAVIGATE and more.


1. ERP and SAP
2. SAP and Business Functions
3. Modules in SAP
4. FICO - How it supports Business
5. Cost Centers, Internal Orders and Overhead Cost Control
6. Data capture in FICO
7. Introduction to Data Entry and Standard Reports

Navigation, User friendly options, Automation and Customizing

1. Navigation in SAP
2. SAP tips & tricks
3. Report Parameter Selections and Selection Variant
4. Customizing SAP layout
5. List Functions in SAP - Multilevel Subtotal, Filter, Sort criteria and Display Variant
6. ABC Analysis
7. Extract Management in CO


SRINIVASAN: Truly an excellent book. I would recommend it for everyone who is interested in learning SAP FICO. All the topics are well explained with relevant screenshots. The language is simple & easy to understand. I am a beginner with no software experience. Still, I understood the concepts of SAP FICO by going through this book, also the book makes the concepts even more interesting. I think its a great work by the author - he has put together all the concepts in a simplified and well-structured way & his presentation made reading really interesting for me.
I'm really looking forward for future books /trainings by the author.

QUINCY N: I had no knowledge of SAP or Finance and Controlling but with this book giving me a detailed step by step guide,now I am no different!!
A very good book I recommend!! helpful!

ARYAVARTA: This book is small, written in simple language (devoid of any jargon) touches broad contours of SAP as much as possible considering the small size. I needed an overview of SAP as I have no idea what it is, and this book provided precisely that. In fact, it also gives some tips, practical advises etc that is a bonus

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