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We use Desktop Shortcuts for our day to day applications like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint etc.

In the same way, we can create SAP Desktop Shortcuts for SAP transactions.

Creating SAP Desktop Shortcuts

Let us consider that one of our daily routines include Cash Journal Entries. We log in SAP, type the Tcode FBCJ in command field

or follow menu path:

Accounting – Financial Accounting – General Ledger – Posting – Cash Journal Posting

To make our life simpler, let us create a Desktop Shortcut for TCode FBCJ.

First, we need to go to the transaction screen for which we want to create the Shortcut. Follow menu path as above or type FBCJ in command field and press enter.

Choose Customize Local Layout icon, the last icon in the Standard Toolbar (Alt+F12).

Click Create Shortcut.

sap desktop shortcuts - image 1

As we have started from our chosen transaction screen, Cash Journal, SAP R/3 system has already populated the entry fields with defaults:

  • Title
  • Type
  • Transaction
  • System Description
  • Client
  • User
  • Password – It is recommended to leave this blank, to enable login via shortcut with password
  • Language
  • Location – where we need the Shortcut Icon, Usually the Desktop.

Click Finish.

sap desktop shortcuts - image 2

The shortcut icon is created on our Desktop.

Next time when we want to go to the screen for Cash Journal Entry, just click the Shortcut Icon. That is it!

Watch this video:

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