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When we run reports in SAP we need to select parameters. SAP provides useful and friendly options that make selection parameter in SAP so simple and robust.

Let us understand how to use the following user-friendly parameter selection options:

  • Dynamic Selection
  • Multiple Selection
  • Maintain Selection Option

Dynamic Selections for Selection Parameter -Image

Dynamic Selections for Selection Parameter, Where Used?

Consider running the report S_ALR_87012332. Say you want the report for a given period, say Period 5. The parameter ‘Period Selection’ option is not apparent on the screen.

Now let us check ‘Dynamic Selection’ icon.

Click the ‘Dynamic Selection’ Icon, you can see more report selection options. Enter Period Selection, say ‘5’ as shown to get report data for posting period 5.

Dynamic Selections for Selection Parameter -Image 2

Multiple Selection Icons

Let us explore ‘Multiple Selection’ options for selecting say, GL account codes.

Multiple Selection - Parameter Selection - Image

There are three ways of doing this.

First Method

You have the GL account codes for which you want to run the report in an Excel file. You can copy paste them by Cntl+C & Cntl+V. Using this method you can copy paste 8 or fewer codes only. In other words, even if your copied data has say, 13 records, only 8 of them will be pasted in this method.

Second Method

You can copy the records in the Excel file and then click ‘Upload from Clipboard‘ icon as marked ‘2’. All the records, say 13 records you have, will be copied.

Third Method

By selecting ‘Import from Text File‘ system will prompt for the selection of the text file and once the text file is selected, all the records, even when exceeding 8, will be copied.

Multiple Selection for Parameter Selection - Image 2

Once copied click ‘Execute‘ icon or press F8 to get the data in the report selection screen. You will see only one record visible here. However the system has taken all your records as copied and the report generated will produce you the results for GL account codes of say, 13 records as copied by you.

Maintain Selection Options Icon and its Use

Maintain Selection Options for Parameter Selection - Image

You want to run a report for all GL account codes greater than OR equal to, say 400000. Choose ‘Maintain Selection Options‘ and select ‘Greater than / equal to’ option.

Enter the GL account code 400000. Press F8 and run the report to get all of GL account codes of 400000 and greater!

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